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Outdoor Sculptures

Step outside the gallery and into the fresh air and experience the seven outdoor public art sculptures. Crafted from diverse materials like metal, glass, and even painted sculptures. The Sculpture Walk is a free, open-air extension of PAC, located at a variety of locations across town - transforming the city of North Platte into an open-air art museum.

This project is a partnership between the Prairie Arts Center, the Downtown Association, and the City of North Platte, with the goal of adding art that will inspire, entertain and educate the public while attracting visitors to the Historic Canteen District in Downtown North Platte.

The Prairie Arts Center is home to the first permanent sculpture from the Sculpture Walk Across Nebraska. The SWAN program is a cooperative effort between North Platte. Norfolk, Grand Island, and Valentine, Nebraska. Other sculptures will be displayed for one year in various locations throughout the district, all within walking distance, and will allow visitors to enjoy art, history, and culture. In the spring of 2025, these sculptures will be removed and replaced with a completely new set of sculptures.
You can join a self-guided walking audio tour and listen to artists by downloading the Otocast app.

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