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Prairie to Paper, by Kris Allphin

Project type

Monthly - Rotating


July 2024


Main - Erickson Gallery

Batik is an ancient decorative art. The textiles or paper is immersed in a dye bath. Wax is applied to preserve the color. This process is repeated many times creating additional color combinations and detail. In the end, the wax is removed revealing the finished art

" Unlike the traditional art forms, my pigments and dyes are of primary colors. Secondary and tertiary colors are created as the primary layers mix on the paper. As an artist, I choose the shades of yellow or blue but the batik chooses the resulting green. This process may appear limiting but within those limitations are limitless possibilities. Often like life itself, the very process requires a give and take and a relinquishing to the results without an attachment to the outcome".
- Kristine Allphin

Kristine's education and experience in illustration and composition bring an original style, sensitivity, and craftsmanship to her work. She has won numerous awards and exhibitions including Nebraska Arts Council, Fred Simon Gallery, Longwell Museum, Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art and the Museum of Nebraska Art, She was featured in the April 2016 issue of Art and Architecture Magazine as an emerging artist to watch. Her work has been purchased for
use on Hollywood movie sets, corporations, hospitals and private collectors as far away as Canada and Sri Lanka.

She currently resides in the Hastings Nebraska where she finds inspiration in the always changing seasons, native grasses and vast prairie landscapes

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