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Past Galleries

February 2024

Armando Villareal
"The Artist I Am"

"That's kinda my thing. I was always told to find a style or subject matter and stick with it cause that's what my collectors want.. and I never could do that, I took my own path and did what I wanted. I kinda ended up just being the artist I am".


This month, Villareal will take viewers on a journey through a lifetime of art, which led him to an Emmy, artwork in the homes and offices of some of the most famous sports athletes, and the greatest tributes to veterans.


Exhibition runs Feb. 3rd - 28th

Artist Reception Feb 10th -  Armando will do live painting demos from 11-4 pm/ Artist reception from 4-5 pm.  

Villarreal is known for his hyperrealistic sports portraits, live painting demos during the Superbowl, and painting done on NFL and college teams' helmets.  Villarreal recently won an Emmy for tribute work done on helmets honoring two Utah Utes football players who tragically passed away.  

January 2024

Photographic Images
Artists At Work 

Embark on a visual journey into the creative realms of Nebraska's artisans at our exclusive photography gallery. Through the lens, Keith and Holly Howe of Photographic Images capture the essence of artists immersed in their studios, passionately shaping their craft. Each photograph not only unveils the behind-the-scenes magic but also accompanies a masterpiece crafted by the featured artist. Immerse yourself in the dual narrative of creation and creator, as the images seamlessly blend the intimate process with the awe-inspiring finished product. This exhibition is a celebration of Nebraska's artistic soul, where the spirit of craftsmanship comes to life in both the hands at work and the breathtaking artworks they bring into existence.

November 2023


Eric Stearns

Sponsored By Nebraskaland Bank & Brought to you by Art Study League

The incredibly talented ceramic artist and North Platte native Eric Stearns graces the Prairie Arts Center with his enthralling pierced raku pottery.
Inspired by geometric patterns, mathematical equations, and perfection, Stearns' craftsmanship takes the viewer's eyes on a journey to take in every stunning inch of the pieces.

Thank you to our friends at Commercial Investments for sponsoring this gallery!

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