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March Galleries

Erickson Gallery 

North Platte High School

Area School Invitational 

Focus Gallery 

339144719_129564699965447_2837513444021257160_n (1).jpg

Main Gallery

April 15th - 30th 

Reception April 27th - 5 pm

Impact Gallery


Art Guild Exhibit

April 3-30th

Local artists groups display their works throughout the month.


April 6-30th.  

Reception and Book Signing April 6th Noon-2 pm

Alan J. Bartels is a Nebraska writer, photographer and student of nature.  He loves the Sandhills and has an appreciation for Nebraskans everywhere with strong ties to the land.
Bartels most recent book, 100 Things To Do In The Nebraska Sandhills Before

You Die, will be featured at PAC April 6-30th - w ith a book signing April 6th 12-2 pm. 

His photography of the Nebraska Sandhills will also be featured.  

In 2016, Alan received the Rank of Admiral in the “Great Navy of the State of Nebraska,

” in 2000 was named Conservation Educator of the Year by the Nebraska Wildlife
Federation.  Alan is a self-taught writer and photographer. His photograph of a Blanding's
turtle appeared in the March 2020 issue of National Geographic Magazine.  His
work has also appeared in the Smithsonian Institution’s Air & amp; Space Magazine, USA
Today, and dozens of other publications.  Alan spent 11 years with Nebraska Life magazine,

is an Army veteran and now Information and Education Coordinator at the Lower Loup Natural

Resources District in Ord.  He also spends his time teaching about our state’s precious natural

resources.   Bartels has also written an award-winning children's book, What's Going Down in

Prairie Dog Town".   


may gallery

Main Gallery

the art of food

THE ART OF FOOD–A FEAST FOR THE EYES— Food can be colorful and fatty and rich and vibrant and fulfilling.  It’s what keeps us full, can cross language barriers and brings us together around a table.  During this exhibition, artists focus on the bounty and beauty of food, how it’s grown and how it affects our everyday lives.  This invitational only art exhibit runs May 3-30th

th (21).jpg
th (22).jpg

· Focus Gallery—Sue Perez—Spirit Animals  -  Enjoy colored pencil pieces  by North Platte artist Sue Perez.  Her whimsical and colorful Spirit animals will take you on a journey of color texture and fantasy!   May 3-30th

focus Gallery


spirit animals
artist sue perez

OIP (19).jpg

Impact Gallery


my best friend
pet E

This OPEN exhibit is for Man's best friend!  Or enter your artwork or photography of your cat, bird, or any pet!  $5 per entry.  

Paws-itive Partners Dog statues will also be on display during this exhibit.  April 3-30th

image1 (24).jpeg

june gallery

main Gallery


nebraskaland days
competitive art show

OPEN  Entry   Categories Western, Landscape and Wildlife.  2-D, 3-D, photography 

$10 per entry. 

Entry deadline May 25th.  Judged Show, Prizes awarded. 

Gallery June 4-29th,

Reception June 18th 6:30 pm

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